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Sage Wynn

I am a free spirit (now) a realist (always) very committed to helping others use their own inner power of healing by using the beautifully complex energetic systems we were given at birth. The human body is not merely a machine that needs part repairs but a fantastic interconnected energetic system with the power to repair, strengthen and radically change in a short period of time when given the proper love and care.

I am skilled as an Herbalist, educated by a 4th generation herbalist from Jamaica. I also have a broad understanding of Aromatherapy. 

I am a certified Blood Cell Analysis. My certification is with Jane Durst-Pulkys, a Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist, Author, Educator, and Life Coach out of Canada. But it was the Master Blood Cell Analysis Stephanie Whitley who provided amazing hands-on education. 

I am proudly looking forward to my complete certification in Iridology from the Master Iridologist, Dr. Sis Sewell with over 40 years experience and who studied directly under the great Dr. Bernard Jenson D.C., N.D.

He has been named the Father of Iridology even though its practice was used before him.

I now live by his words “Exalt the great within where healing really begins.”

I finally got the true meaning of those words and understood the power of our own bodies when starting where you really are and not where you “THINK” you are or where you “SHOULD” be. 

Herbal Product Consultations are a base specialty and the most effective place to start. It is of utmost importance to me to approach my life and yours in a way that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness.

I recognize the whole person which is the fundamental law of Holistic Medicine. 

I listen to what each person’s individual concerns are and help them to recognize their whole self, physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

“Exalt the great within where healing really begins.”

Dr. Bernard Jenson D.C., N.D.

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